Friday, April 11, 2008


Somebody asked ... 'How do you pronounce Annique's name?'

The answer --
the same answer you'd give for how you make pancakes
and other weighty issues like that --
'It depends.'

Doyle pronounced it ... 'Ahh NEEK'. Rhyming it with Monique.

But Grey and Adrian (and Annique's mother) made almost three syllables out of it, because they were speaking with accents from the south of France. The last syllable would be pretty weak and breathy.
They'd sound something like . .. 'Ahh NEEK eh.'

You know how somebody from Boston would pronounce 'Jane' as one short syllable, but somebody from Texas would draw it out till it's almost two? It's like that. But not exactly.


  1. Jo, I'm enjoying Spymaster's Lady very much! My husband, having seen the book on the nightstand for a couple of days, today turned it over so he "wouldn't need to stare at that arrogant six pack any longer."
    My husband's six pack days are well past.

  2. Hi Cat --

    I am so glad you like TSL. Yes!!

    The six-pack fellow seems very young to me.

    That's good though. Mr Abs (Nathan Kamp, his name is,) probasbly is about Grey's age. Late twenties.

  3. I just love how on top of the language you are, Jo. I was pronouncing it to rhyme with Monique. It never occurred to me it could be pronounced like that old song Dominique by the Singing Nun - Dominique, nique, nique, s'en allait tous simplement (or something like that). LOL

  4. Hi Byrd --

    That's it exactly! Even today, they pronounce the final endings on words in the south of France.

    But both ways are right. (g)