Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Lord and Spymaster Errata

First erratum of the story.

Sebastian, when he identifies the plant as 'horehound' is, of course, incorrect. It is ground ivy. Glechoma hederacea.

Bad Sebastian! Bad, bad Sebastian! Study your biology.


  1. A mistaken plant? If that's the worst thing you find, you're getting off easy.

    And besides, Sebastian's not an apothecary. We can forgive him for getting a plant wrong.

  2. Let us hope everyone is as understanding as you ...

  3. Horehound is good for sore throats. I don't know what ivy's good for, but I dare hope nobody drank it.

  4. 'Ground ivy' isn't like real ivy. It's part of the mint family and, like horehound, used for sore throats and so on.

    My bad. My bad.

    I had a note written to doublecheck this before the final draft and then I didn't. The note got lost or I overlooked it or something ...