Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Lull in the Revisions

Whew ...

I'm just lifting my head up from the computer here. The revisions of My Lord and Spymaster are in New York.

Of course, now I have all these new revisions bouncing around inside me that just HAVE to be done.

I'll take the day off, pay bills, wash the kitchen floor, take the dog for a long walk, pay bills, think about getting a website, watch I, Claudius that I got from Netflix and it's been sitting around for three weeks, answer my email from several kind folks who have mailed me here, pay bills, think about My Lord and Spymaster some more, oh ... and pay those bills I've been tossing in the wood box on top of my desk.

Then tomorrow I'll go work on revisions some more. I'm just not pleased with MLAS. Wish I had more time .


  1. http://fogcitydivas.typepad.com/dishing_with_the_divas/

    Scroll down to read another GREAT review, this time from the "Dishing with the Divas" blog ~ a bunch of wonderful West Coast, SF specific writers.

    Your book is fantastic ... I'm telling all my friends about it ;)

  2. Thank you so much for telling me about the review (and for liking the book. Oh my. Yeah!!!)

    I will add a link to FogCityDivas.
    (le sigh)
    I love S.F. What a great city.

    Whether a reviewer liked Spymaster's Lady or went 'ho hum' about it or hated it ... I'm flattered they reviewed it.

  3. I also sent you an email: you will forever be tied up in the Ferret Fur Flying incident in my mind because every website I went to in these last weeks of January 2008 ... to find out more about changing practices/new ways of looking at and/or acknowledging sources ... also had more great reviews of your book. And I am expecting a copy of your 1983 Regency too: I ordered it from Amazon UK, a first for me :)

  4. Hi Janet -

    Her Ladyship's Companion is a loooong time ago. My first venture into fiction. (g)