Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ferret Fur Flying

I was into ferrets before they were cool.
Kedger's the name of Jessamyn's ferret.

Excerpt from My Lord and Spymaster:

The Kedger's head popped up over the roof line. He poured toward her, carrying something in his mouth. She accepted a button. A little spit and a quick polish on her sleeve revealed it was brass. Amazing what Kedger came up with, even on a roof.

"You're going to make us rich if you keep this up." To please him, she dropped it in the sack. He sniffed after it a minute, then climbed up her arm to investigate her braids. Sniff . . . nibble . . . tug . . . tug.

"Anything in there I should know about?"

The Kedger responded with a comment on women who bounced ferrets around in burlap sacks.

"Sorry, mate. I'll be more careful next time."

He chirruped, still grumpy.

"Are you going to pull all my braids out, or just that one?"

He'd made his point. He took his place on her shoulder and dug his claws in, stretched up tall, and pointed his nose to the wind. South, he ordered.

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