Thursday, April 26, 2007

Still in Three

I'm doing about the fifth draft of the last half of Chapter Three of JESS.
This is probably the final draft.
But then, I've thought that a couple of times before.

Why I'm doing this ...

When I shortened Chapter One to about half of its former glory
and chucked the prologue overboard, (Remember splash?)

I tossed out lots of Jess POV. The balance has shiftered too far away from her.
I need more Jess POV.
Which -- since I'm covering the same territory -- means less Sebastian POV.

I have beautiful passages in that Sebastian POV. I have clever, insightful, incisive, funny work in Sebastian POV.

I have to go back and write the scene from Jess' POV.

I can do that. Yes.
But it's hard to write when you're pouting about stuff you had to throw out.


  1. Ookey, my sympathies dear. Tuck Sebastian's POV in sone nice little file and give yourself permision to visit it when ever you like. It always helps me.


  2. I have so many lovely bits stored in out-take files.

    Somehow I never use them.
    I write new stuff.

    (Though I haven't been doing anything useful today.)

    Maybe when I have the book out I'll pull up some out-takes and put them on the blog or the website when I put up a website ...

    "This is the dream Annique was going to have before I picked a shorter one ..."

    Oh well,
    the Sebastian POV of Chapter Three is gone.
    I'll write something good to take its place.

    As many good fish in the sea as ever came out of it.

  3. Can't you just leave in tbe Sebastian parts and then write more Jess parts to counter-balance?

  4. Hi Beth --

    These first five chapters -- 15,000 words -- follow about two hours of story time.

    What I have in these five or six scenes is a pretty much unbroken line of action. We leave storytime only once, to change location, and then continue the same action.
    Because I'm doing a continual line of event, I can't really squeeze in other action to provide a new POV.

    I can only switch the perception of this ongoing line of event from one POV to the other.


    I'm trying to look at this as an opportunity to expand the female protagonist's persona. I have to do that.