Sunday, April 22, 2007

First Three of Jess

Just about through the final draft of the first three chapters of JESS. It is surprisingly difficult to lick the first three chapters into shape when the rest of the ms is still --- how shall I put this? -- somewhat diffuse.

I have more respect for those folks who can finish and polish just Chapters One through Three, standalone, to submit of send off to contests. Freaking hard.

The Prologue is gone. (splash -- prologue overboard.)
Chapter One has been reduced to a mere nubbins of its original long and winding action.
Chapter Three -- where I am right now -- will now contain two POV flips.

I hate POV flips.
It's holding my fingers to the fire, trying to write them, but the heroine has got to show a larger POV presence in these early pages.


  1. I have to go out and find your books now - I have read many of your critiques on AW and think you are wonderfully creative. I am so thankful that you critique at AW. Thank you for taking the time!

    BTW - my son's name is Jess - how funny to find your blog when that's your topic!

  2. I only just started critting at AW.

    Mostly I work in Writers Exercises at Books and Writers.

    Both are good places.

    I like Jess because it's a kick-ass name. Never mess with a Jess, male or female.