Sunday, February 25, 2007

Visualizing Eleven

The JESS 'Synopsis and Three' are polished and done and mailed ... so that's one thing out of the way. One of the great joys of having this under contract is that I don't have to write a query letter. Oh Joy.

The ANNEKA revisions have not yet landed on me.

So it's back to writing JESS.

Chapter Ten ended with Jess and Sebastian facing off in her office, both of them filled with suspicion, each with an agenda.

Chapter Twelve seems to be that scene at the party where Adrian confronts Jess ... and probably a few other things happen.

I need a bridge.

It might be time for Jess to go talk to her father.

If I do this chapter, I need a core action and purpose. Jess' growth? Hmmmm ...

So far, I've just walked in the front door of Meeks Street. Lots of excitment tomorrow when Jess faces her father.

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