Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chapter Nine done

And moving into Ten ... inside her warehouse, in Sebastian's POV.

final working draft of JESS


  1. Cathy from Beau Monde10:03 AM

    Hullo, I'm visiting to see when your book is out.

    To the right of my screen it says your book will be out in 2007--this year!

    Very cool. A new book out THIS YEAR! Is this because your work requires so little editing?

    Jo, will your book be categorized as romance or historical fiction? I'd read your synopsis on Books and Writers but couldn't come up with anything ingenious to suggest for a title. If it's romance, you might as well just call it SCANDALOUS SPIES, or SPY SIN, or SINFUL NIGHT OF SPYING, or something with sin or lust or scandal in the title ;o) Publishers seem to be doing this a lot lately.

  2. Don't know when this book will be out yet. I'll change the info when I have a stronger date.

    And it's a Historical Romance. Oh yes. Definitely.
    SCANDALOUS SPIES ... (g) ... you laugh. But that's a pretty good title.

    I'm not good at titles. There's a phrenological bump for writing titles that I just don't have.