Friday, December 08, 2006

Rewriting for plot - Chapter Four bites the dust

Moving along in Jessamyn.

I also made the decision to drop Chapter Four. In toto. All that lovely dialog. Gone.
Ouchouchouchouchouch. That hurts.

But this plotting overview makes it obvious Chapter Four has to go.
It has beautiful, lyric internals, yes. But it never held vital plot action. Nothing that occurs there drives later events. All action in the scene is easily incorporated into the end of the Chapter Three, the Sebastian POV scene. When Chapter Four is excised, the story still makes sense.
The standard measures of plot action say to leave it out.

This is my Ghenghis Khan raid on the ms. Ruthlessness is my watchword. The naked sword is my calling card.
Snick. There goes Chapter Four. See its severed head bouncing across the open field.

Chapter Five, some changes. The internals must be rewritten. Just the internals.
It's like having the river bank and the bottom of the river all in place and the rocks unchanged, but instead of the stream flowing grape juice it's going to flow Hawaiian punch. Cool.

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