Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Reconsidering Anneka

I'm beginning to think I can work on ANNEKA a bit more. Really.

I see a way to cut about 8K words.

A friend, at Panera, bought an iced green tea, which I had never had before. Very odd. Sort of like koolaid for Martians.


  1. So sorry to hear about the rejection. Sooner or later I am sure it's going to be published though. I mean, something would be wrong with the universe if it wasn't! I for one, would be very miffed--I am dying to read it.

    /Sara E.

  2. Lynne S8:48 AM

    Dear Jo,

    Curses! This is very disappointing. I'm so sorry. And yet....this publisher's comments are so extremely good (and she/he didn't have to make them) that I have to agree, you will sell the story eventually, even if you have to sell Jessamyn first.

    Pamper yourself today.


  3. Dear Jo,

    Ack. So sorry to hear that. Kind of a stinger to get such nice comments with a rejection. :/ (But better than a rejection with no nice comments...?)

    Anyway, it'll happen... You're too good for it not to! (And I want to read it too, dang it!)