Thursday, October 19, 2006

A hot chapter

Finished 1200 words on Chapter Twenty-one. Roughly four hours work.

Twenty-one is a 'hot' chapter and I find these take longer. Every word has to be exactly right, since we're dealing with lyric and poetic description, rather than clever dialog. Frankly, I write clever back and forth dialog a lot easier than set-every-word-in-place-perfectly poetic description.

It's a silly, incongruous business, sex. Isn't it?

Tomorrow, when I return to the chapter, I have to decide how I'm going to handle the next installment of relationship development here.

That's what the chapter is about, after all, not them necking.

A little weakminded of Jess to go kissing possible ubervillain Sebastian, isn't it? Ah well. She's a sucker for villains.

Mammogram tomorrow morning. Oh female reader passing by – if it's been a year since your last one – go thou and get one. My Aunt Doc died of breast cancer.

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