Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some work done, but not much

I spent the middle of the day at the Europa Café.

It's near grounds, but not a student hangout ... mostly because the food is not very good
and it has all the ambience of the fishbowl on my desk
(a place of much algae and not a few snails and one discouraged beta. Betas are more like African violets than fish in that they are brightly colored and do not move much. I find them restful. I have no idea what they think of me.)

Europa Cafe was not crowded, (as is its wont,) and they serve breakfast until 11 o'clock. Their breakfast is both cheaper and better tasting than their lunch.

So I went at 10 and ate a croissant with ham and cheese and had a mug of their coffee.

The owner is Greek. The coffee is strong. Even with the best will in the world, I could not drink two cups. So I switched to hot chocolate, which they make better than their coffee.

L---the-poet showed up around noon and we talked about my manuscript and the new freelance editing job she's got which means she will eat next month but may possibly involve the sale of her soul, or at least the devil taking an option upon it.

Then we talked about Annie Dillard.
I'm reading 'The Writing Life' and am only with difficulty restraining myself from fleeing to a unibomber cabin in the hills where I can work.

L-- sympathized. Sometimes that's all you need.

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