Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sloggin' away

Did a three-day writing marathon with Books and Writers Community. I stuck my nose into the manuscript and looked up only for brief intervals. It was a good experience. Much work completed. Good energies flowing.

Outlining the possiblity of new WIP. Strong McGuffin.
Hmmm ....

I read a book this weekend that I'd been looking forward to for weeks.
It was as good as I hoped.
The tailend acknowledgements listed, among others, her agent,
who is one of the two who've asked me for the ms.

A scary thought, sending out to that agent.
I will wander off and finish the polishing of the ms so I can do so.

I'm really going to have to carve out some time from among the RFPs. I just have to remind myself what is important.

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