Monday, September 26, 2005


R.A. Heinlein used to give that advice to writers. Don't spend your time editing, he said. Spend your time selling what you've written.
I think you can get away with this better if you are the storyteller he was.

I'm working away on the second chapter of JESSAMYN.
I feel good about the outline work I did.
I'm not going to have any tag ends and hanging strings when I finish this draft.

I've pulled down McKee's STORY. I'll read a bit when I have some time to spare. I can't open that book without learning something.

What else am I reading ...
Elizabeth Lowell's TELL ME NO LIES and McCrumbs ZOMBIES OF THE GENE POOL.
A great joy, both of 'em.

But I will cease blogging and go work on the ms.


  1. Hi Jo. Just wanted to say your blog is awesome. Love the agent tidbits you put in there. Good luck with "The Great Agent Search". In in the same situation you are too. Keep up the good work! Mai Thao

  2. Hi Mai Thao -

    Thanks for the kind words. I'll be posting more about agents -- these are agents who represent Romance, and who have made recent deals -- in the next weeks.

    Good luck with your own submission process.