Monday, August 22, 2005

Technical Topic -- My Literary Agent List

RWA keeps a list of agents who represent Romance.
It's up on the website.
Some agencies go to RWA National and the Regional Conferences, which means they're actively interesting in acquiring new Romance clients.

I signed up for Publishers Market place Monday.

It's ... awesome ... the amount of material. What a place for research. But expensive. I think the price is worth it for the months I'm out looking for an agent.

Jeff Hermen's Guide to Publishers, Literary Agents and etc.
Guide to Literary Agents from the editors of Writers Digest.
They're standard handbooks.

Both these books are missing about ten percent of the agents who represent Romance. That includes some of the best and brightest.
I had to kinda fill in the missing agents.

In other news . . .
I'm up to my keester in summer squash and zucchini. This part of the country, this time of the year ... if you stand still long enough, people will bury you in zucchini.

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