Friday, August 19, 2005

First blog

I'm daunted by technology. Even user-friendly technology like this Bloggercom blog.

I wonder about immortal creatures – vampires, the Flying Dutchman, the Wandering Jew, Lazarus Long, elves. Are they confused and resentful as the worlds eddys and swirls past ... changing, mutating, becoming incomprehensible?
If I'd been born in 1644, what would I think of all this technology?

You'd find your vampire at the mall late at night, scowling at a cell phone.
"Recharger? It must sit in the recharger all day ... in this little coffer?" He nods. "Yes. That makes sense."

They're talking about putting TV onto cell phones.
"Why would anyone want to carry a TV around with them?" says I.
"Why not," says the 12-year-old.

If I were hunting space aliens, I'd find me a total eclipse.
There must be hordes of alien tourists looking up at the sun, listening to their guides chatter in languages born under red dwarfs or actinic blue stars.
Then they'd go to a jazz club for absinth and motor oil.

Total eclipses must be scarce as hen's teeth on inhabited planets. Think how unlikely it is to have the apparent diameter of the moon and of the sun exactly the same.

Astronomical odds, so to speak.


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