Thursday, August 25, 2016

Checking in

We're coming to the end of summer here. Lots of birdcall in the woods and the cicadas are making a racket all night long.
Not so much in my garden. A few baby lettuces. The rest is flowers. I took very poor care of my growing things so they look scraggly and neglected.

I'm drinking coffee and watching my hummingbirds. There are three of them at least. Maybe more. I have no idea why they live up here in the woods.

Soon I'll get to work.


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  2. What are you working on these days? I was just re-reading some of your short stories - I never get tired of them.

    1. I am, just now, working on the copyedits of Beauty Like the Night.

      That means I am almost done with it, but it'll take a while to get through the editing process. It's up for pre-order though at

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  3. I have four hmmingbirds this year, Joanna. Before Katrina we had dozens always sch a joy. But it seems four s our new normal. I'm relistening/reading spymasters lady and moving rough in preparation for the new one. So excited. I love that my short term memory is so bad that each time I read them, they are new to me!

    1. I only have one humming bird -- a ruby throated one -- so far this year. I've had up to seven in other years.

      We'll see how things go as the season progressess ...