Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Winter. Snuggled in.

Snow. Ice pellets. Howling winds. Temps of 26 degrees.

But I bought milk, meat and apple juice yesterday. I bought roses.

I haz a wood stove. I haz kitty litter and satusmas. I haz egg custard and bread and a rough-draft chapter to whip into shape.

Life is good.
. . . so long as the electric holds out.


  1. We had some cold weather for Houston last month and it is to turn cold here tonight. No snow expected. It was warm today and I got out and pulled some weeds in the yard. Looks like I will do no yard work in the morning. My yard needs a lot of work.

  2. Cold here too. I've stoked up the wood fire, though, and we are all very czy.

  3. Stay cozy! Happy holidays. Your books give me a lot of pleasure, and are among my comfort reads.

    1. Thanks so much. Hope my books can contribute just a little to making this time of the year joyous.

      Happy holidays.