Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What the Animals Got for Christmas

Cat in chair smallI don't forget the animals at Christmas. They may not know what's going on, but they know it involves food.

If I left them out of the festivities, the dog would gaze at me sadly, wondering how she'd failed me. What she'd done wrong.
The cat would stomp over and bite my ankles. Mandy with toys 2

So they both got finely chopped chicken served to them in a lordly dish with much crooning and praise.

Up there's the cat in her accustomed cat-coma, sleeping off Christmas dinner, cat version.
I didn't buy her any toys. She turns her nose up at toys.

Christmas birdAnd to the right here is the dog, slightly more alert than the feline. Note the new squeaky toy. It's blue. It has eyes. And spots. And three (count 'em three!!) air bladders inside, each squeaking at a different note. The dog has a high old time playing tunes on it.

Outside is the accustomed tribute for the birds. Sunflower seeds. Only the best for my feathered friends.

The dog is grateful.
The cat, as usual, accepts my tribute.
Who knows what birds feel?


  1. Our two fur babies got a food treat for Christmas. They are humble dogs and seem quite content with such simplicity. Our previous ones used to get full gift bags and would shred the bags in joy but neglect the actual toys. Like humans, they are unique little beings.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Rose --

    Yes! The dogs KNOW there's food all over the place and get really hurt if they're not included. Besides ... at this time of the year I am so much wanting to feed everybody.

    Cats are mad about Christmas ribbon and wrapping and boxes. Give a cat a box and you have a happy cat.