Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Animals in Our Lives

Joanna here, talking about some of the animals who share my world.

I moved up to the mountains not so very long ago and, in the fullness of time, spring came tripping over the threshold.  Along about April I generally fill the hummingbird feeder and mount it on a pole.

Less appealing than Australian possums

This year I figgered it was kinda useless trying to attract hummingbirds.  I'm fairly high up.

But I'm a dreamer so I set out the nectar.

I called them and they came.  Beautiful humming birds were weaving back and forth in the air a half hour after I offered them a place to feed.
Lovely colors.  So magical.  So amazing.

Then there's my possum. 
He doesn't show up as much since I stopped waking up in the morning, shivering, stoking the woodstove, and opening the door to scatter two handfuls of seed out across the top of the snow for the birds up here.
All this before I got a cup of coffee.

There are those who advocate arising with the dawn and sitting down at the computer while the trailing mists of dreams still linger in the mind.  Somehow I never seem to manage this.

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  1. Wow. Hummingbirds and possums - does life get any better? I know nothing about them, but I wouldn't have expected hummingbirds in the mountains, either. I'm sure they must be inspiring.

  2. Like flying jewels.

  3. I've never seen a possum up close! Are there raccoons too? Do possums and raccoons fight over territory? (feels ignorant)

  4. Hi Deniz --

    Ah. Now that is a question for the ages. And if we had a cage match, who would win?

    I don't have racoons here at the moment. That I know of. This high mountain place may not be their preferred habitat.