Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Booty Tuesday --Kristen Callihan's Firelight

Carrying home booty
This is Booty Tuesday and, as is my wont, I am giving away absolutely free with no strings attached, wonderful books.
This week is your chance to win a SIGNED copy of Kristen Callihan's first book, Firelight.  Those of you who are particularly alert in these matters will know Firelight was just listed by Library Journal as one of the ten best Romance books of 2012.  (Click on that to see the Library Journal entry which is very interesting.)  Callihan is sharing the limelight with folks like Nora Roberts, Loretta Chase, Grace Burrowes, Cecelia Grant, Sherry Thomas and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
Cool, huh.  Are you going to tell me you haven't read Kristen Callihan yet?

Oh dear.  But, wait -- we can remedy that.  This is Booty Tuesday.  Book-winning may be in your future.

From the book:

"Why do you wear that mask?"

"Asks the woman whose beauty might as well be a mask."

"Pardon me?"

The immobile black mask simply stared back, floating like a terrible effigy over broad shoulders.

"What is beauty or ugliness but a false front that prompts man to make assumptions rather than delving deeper.  Look at you."  His hand gestured toward her face.  "Not a flaw or distortion of line to mar that perfect beauty.  I have seen your face before, miss.  Michelangelo sculpted it from cold marble three hundred years ago, his divine hand creating what men would adore."  He took a step closer.  "Tell me, Miss Ellis, do you not use that beauty as a shield, keeping the world at bay so that no one will know uour true nature."


They have this kinda adversarial relationship, these two.

To be eligible to win Firelight, write and post a poem in the comment thread of this post. 
Use one of the following words from the cover:

Kristen, Callihan, firelight, fire, light, great, price, talent, sexual, tension, jaw, drop, plots, weave, brilliant, dark, darkest, London, series, flame, ignite. woman, torment, plague, birth, strange, powerful, gift, entire, life, struggle, contend, exceptional, abilities, innocent, irreversible, mistake, family, fortune, decimate, forced, nefarious, nobleman. burn, eternity

Your poem can be a 


  (traditional or non-traditional)
Rhymed couplet

blank verse

or any other rhyme or poetry form you fancy.  I am not particular.

I'll pick one lucky commenter (US and Canada only, sorry) from the comment trail on Saturday.
You can also buy Firelight here should you not be feeling poetical.  Overseas folks can buy Kristen's latest book, Winterblaze, from Book Depository, here.   


Booty Tuesday has TWO books to offer this week.
One signed copy of Firelight
And one signed ARC (That's advanced reading copy.  It's the first, first, first look at the book in print) of Kristen's new book, Winterblaze.

There will be two chances.  The first is for folks who have written a poem and it's for the best poem.
The winner gets to choose which book she wants.

The second chance -- this one a simple drawing -- is for the remaining book, whichever it is -- and both folks who write poems and those who just comment will be entered in that one.

So if you really, really really can't write a poem, you still have a chance to win a book.

And if you can write a poem, you have two chances.

I feel as though I've made that very complicated, but it's quite simple really.


  1. But you can't fire me,
    baby, even if you want.
    I'm your momma, dear.

  2. He saw her in the street by Firelight
    And wanted her for his own
    She had her secrets that she kept quiet
    And made him want to groan.

    I tried!!!

  3. Jaw drop historical novel by Kristen Callihan/the struggle narrates between a woman and a nobelman./An exceptional guft and a nefarious mistake/initiated a curse and put an innocent's fate at stake./An irreversible sexual tension between a beast and a beauty will ignite/enflaming with passion the darkest London night.

    Ode to Firelight by Mina De Caro

  4. I stuggle to light the fire
    But the fire remains a brilliant darkness
    Built to torture the innocent

    linadanna at aol dot com

  5. Utter coolness ...

    I've added some info to the posting above. It's at the very end.

    Two books offered. Two. One of them the ARC of Winterblaze.
    But go on up top and see.

  6. Fire and passion are two of one.
    It takes over til it is done.
    When two lovers become as one.
    Fire and Passion

  7. Her passions will his fire ignite – strange gift
    to lift darkness at night
    yet reveal him in firelight;
    should she stay, or take affright?

    Had a bit of fun with this. Here's the quatrain form that I used: Englyn. Basically four lines of 10, 6, 7, and 7 syllables, with two internal rhymes.
    Also learned something new - Robertson Davies used to write poetry in this form!

  8. Read & loved Firelight
    Winston & Poppy are cute
    Want Winterblaze right now

  9. These are so great. All of them. It's going to be hard to choose.

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  11. Hi Jo,
    Well I can't write poetry. But I've heard so much good stuff about Kristen's book I really really want a copy. So here's my comment for the drawing.

  12. Zoe

    We knew you.
    We created you, carried you, sang to you, loved you.
    We knew you.

    You were the promise.
    The promise of sweet smiles, sweet smells, tickles and giggles, quiet moments being together.

    Born sleeping, but perfect; beautiful, serene.
    You held your secrets; we held you close to our hearts.
    Hearts of love, always yours.

    copyright Connie Ward 2011 :-)

  13. I hope that's okay. I didn't see anything about the poem needing to about the subject of the cover? :-)

  14. Hi Connie --

    The poem is an exercise in absolute freedom. Any verse form, any subject, any length.

    Heck, it's asking a lot for somebody to come up with a poem. Making it on some particular topic would be unreasonable.

  15. *laughing* okay, good.

  16. The winner of the poetry portion of the contest is Mina De Caro. I'll get in touch with her and ask her which book she wants.

    I'll return later to offer the backup book to the second winner.