Sunday, June 03, 2012

Forbidden Rose is Out In Italian (and some other covers)

Forbidden Rose is coming to Italy.  Here.  I think maybe today.  I am so happy.

If you have an Italian grandmother, this will doubtless make a good present for her.

Okay.  Okay.  I know this is not of great general interest to anyone reading an English-language blog.  But my very first foreign translation, many years ago, was into Italian and I am just delighted and a half to see Forbidden Rose travel to that far country.


Alert Reader Laura points out My Lord and Spymaster is available in -- I think that's Chinese.  The book is here and seems to be for sale, so if you happen to be learning to read Chinese it is available for a side-to-side. 

Following the MLAS tradition, established by the original, puzzling, this-is-not-related-to-the-story title, the Chinese cover has nothing whatsoever to do with the adventures of our Sebastian and Jess who, you will remember, only step foot on a ship while it is safely docked in London. 

I hope folks don't pick this one up looking for a hearty tale of adventure at sea.  And shipwreck.  I am uneasy about the fate of this ship on the cover. I mean, look at those rocks.  Ouch.

As long as I have you here looking at MLAS covers ... would you like to see the stunningly beautiful cover the German publisher has give me for My Lord and SpymasterEine Riskante Affare.

Yes.  Of course you would.  Click on the picture and you'll get a close-up.

Isn't it lovely?

(It's up for pre-order here if you're studying German and want a good comparison read.  The first book, Die Geliebte des Meistrerspions, here, is a great translation.) 


  1. I love the Forbidden Rose. I know the Italians will enjoy it!

  2. Romance genre is very popular in Italy. Wonderful, isn't it?

  3. Breathtaking covers, Joanna!! =)

  4. I'm very pleased with them. Especially the German cover.

  5. Congratulations! The German cover is stunning - love it.

  6. The German cover has an almost otherworldly 'feel' to it, I think.

  7. Okay, I love the German cover, and the Italian one is good too. (The Chinese one confuses me — I wouldn't know what kind of book it is. A seafaring manual?)
    My question is: Why do Europeans get so much better covers than we Americans do? 'Tain't fair!

  8. Hi Lil --

    I loves me some European covers.

    Why are they so good? I don't know. I feel as though the European readers have high expectations.