Friday, February 03, 2012

2011 AAR Reviewers Choice: Black Hawk

I am so happy
I am deeply honored to get the nod at All About Romance
for Reviewers Choice for 2011,
for The Black Hawk.

The AAR announcement is Here.

They say such nice things about the book.  I'm blushing. 

Now, being perfectly honest here, I nipped in to top place, but just barely.  It was very close.  I just squeaked by these two great books:

Silk is for Seduction, Loretta Chase
The Rose Garden, Susanna Kearsley

These are the other Historical Romances the AAR reviewers loved:

A Night to Surrender, Tessa Dare
The Orchid Affair, Lauren Willig
What I did for a Duke, Julie Ann Long
Heartbreak Creek, Kaki Warner
A Lady's Lessons in Scandal, Meredith Duran 
When Beauty Tamed the Beast, Eloisa James
Follow My Lead, Kate Noble

If you are kind enough to like my books -- and I can't imagine why you would be reading the blog if you didn't -- you should go buy these.  Wonderful books.


  1. Congratulations, Jo! So very well deserved. :)

  2. That is a Who's Who's of the folks currently writing historical romance, and you rightly got the nod among them. Well darned done, madam! So when's the next book coming out?

  3. Congratulations, Jo! I'm with Linda -- very well deserved!

  4. Congrats! since The Black Hawk was one of my fave's last year, I'm not surprised others were wise enough to agree :)

  5. Hurray! I've read 4 of those novels, including BH. The others are very fine indeed, but I've only reread BH (not that the other 3 aren't on my keeper shelf). Yours are the only romances I race through (why can't I be one of those folks who unwraps her presents slowly?) and then immediately reread.

  6. Congratulations! Black Hawk is a beautiful and outstanding book. I am not surprised it is getting recognition! I've read 3 of the books on the list- adding the others to my TBR pile.

  7. Thank you, everyone. You're very kind.

    I am so terribly pleased to be in the same paragraph with those folks. Grace puts it well when she calls it a Who's Who of current Historical Romance.

    The Pax book won't be out till after the world ends in December 2012, so it's all somewhat iffy.

  8. Wonderful news, Jo, and much deserved! Congratulations!

  9. I wasn't expecting this. Got all teary.

    They say you're not supposed to look at reviews or take them personally. But I do.

  10. Congratulations, Joanna! And so well deserved. BLACK HAWK is a wonderful read.

    1. Congratulations, Jo, and I expect to see it show up in the reader poll results.

  11. Hi Pam --

    We will see. I would be very happy to be mentioned there. I would indeed.

    Hi Kaki --

    I don't know if you noticed. I'm pimping your latest book up there in the post. *g* So well deserved also. Yes!

  12. The award could have been for "body of work"like the Oscars. All your books are great.