Monday, October 31, 2011

Giving Away Black Hawk (What I'm doing here . . .)

This is soooo overtaken by events.  Just read right on through.


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Can I just say I am like a kid on Christmas Eve?! In fact I have to buy the book on my Kindle - so I can read some before work tomorrow and then get it at the store so I can crease all the pages and set it next to the rest...

  2. Hi Anon --

    I am just laughing about this. I have to admit I'm pretty excited myself.

  3. I picked up Black Hawk yesterday - a real paper copy bought from Barnes and Noble and I love it love it! trying to not let it keep from things that need to get done... or that might wait a bit... Thank you thank you. :)

  4. Hi Carol --

    Thank you so much for buying the book. I really appreciate it.

    And I do hope you find the story satisfying. I love these two characters.

  5. I bought The Black Hawk yesterday - I'm so looking forward to it. I've had your last three books in my TBR stack, so I unearthed and read The Forbidden Rose yesterday, and I loved it! What order do you recommend for the others? Should I continue with TBH?

  6. Hi KC --

    The chronological order is:

    Forbidden Rose
    Spymaster's Lady
    My Lord and Spymaster
    Her ladyship's Companion
    Black Hawk

    If you've just finished Forbidden Rose, and haven't read any of the others, my advice would be to read Black Hawk next. Those two are closely linked.

  7. Thank you so much for satisfying my (only slightly OCD!) need for the series order. I finished Black Hawk early this morning, and I loved it! It's been a rough week - teen AND preteen angst in our house, plus nerve-wracking doctor's appointments for me - so thank you for providing a great escape to a different world. :D

  8. I forgot to ask in my previous comment - is the Camille mentioned on p. 92 (Black Hawk) Pax's heroine? I understand if you can't tell; I'm just curious. ;) Thanks!

  9. Hi K.C. Oh yes. Camille is Pax's lady.

    I am so very sorry your life is filled with turmoil. I hope my books and those of my fellow writers give you a little island of respite in the storm. That's our job.

    We do our job, so you can do your job better. *g*