Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brenda Novak's auction

Every year, Brenda Novak runs an auction to raise money for diabetes research.   It's a good cause.  This year I contributed a gift basket.

Go to here.  for the Brenda Novak Auction.

The  Joanna Bourne basket (My Basket!!  See.  My basket!!!)
is item 2116660.  

So many lovely things to bid on. 


 See 2154315 2174878   2156649 
2125526  2078380  2152053
That's a vintage silver necklace.  1920.
2095303  -- I like this because it is a set of three earrings.  So few sets for those of us who have three ears. 

Or consider the random joy of a crocheted tissue box 2152030
A box of a bazzilion boxes  2157798
Funky keyboard stickers  2195979 
Or an e-reader  2160553 and  216055

  We got manuscript critiques.  There are wonderful author crits out there -- Julia Quinn, Madeline Hunter ..  just search 'critique'

But every one of these below is less than $100 (right now.)

Christine Wells, Anna Campbell, Courtney Milan, Candace Hern.

 2069562, 2170745 , 20591482069564

What are you waiting for???

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