Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Reader Favs from DABWAHA

And here's a long list of reader favs that didn't make it into DA BWAHA.  Readers really liked these.

Are you looking for great 2010 books in all the many fields and aspects of Romance?  Find them there.  I've added 20 of the 80 to my yearly Da BWAHA book-pimping post which is here.


  1. Christine6:09 PM

    I'm just so happy that Forbidden Rose got the reader's choice spot for best historical novel in the contest. I'm feeling quite proud and very pleased with myself because I actually voted for FR and managed to get my vote in by the deadline. I know my one dinky little vote didn't make the difference but it's making me feel like my vote actually counted in something (or you know tons of other people voted for it too because it was such a great book.) Congratulations! Here's hoping for a Da Bwaha sweep!

  2. Hi Christine --

    I, on the other hand, am perfectly certain it was your vote that made the difference. *g*