Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adrian looks like . . .

I'm gearing up to make the Romance Trading Cards for Adrian.  I have a few possible faces and I  . . .

I just don't know.

These are stock photos.  I have not bought all of them, so I'm only going to leave them up till Saturday.

So, tell me which Adrian you like best.  I'll send Romance trading cards to some lucky poster . . .  *g*

ETA:  There's watermarks on some of the photos.  These will go away.

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C
Photo D

Photo E

ETA:  I went and bought the stock photos so I could leave them up on the bog.


  1. Jo, I kind of like them all, but Photo C keeps jumping out at me. It gets my vote.

  2. Ooh, that's a difficult question. I can't remember Adrian much from the first books (he was in them, though, right?) so my memory of him is as a 12 year old spy-in-training. That's why C stands out to me - he looks the youngest.

    I think A is too dark/paranormal romance-ish. I like B a lot, mostly because the guy is hot and has the sexiest tousled hair look going on.

    So.... I guess it depends on how old Adrian is in his book. If he's well over 20, I say B. If he's close to 20 or younger, I say C.


  3. I can see B, but like Claire, I like C better. D looks too fey and A too evil. E somehow looks too young and naive, the opposite problem of B. So.. C gets my vote too. :)

  4. I like C, too. He looks young, and yet so very adult. Which is how I think of Adrian.

  5. Photo B!

    So psyched for Adrian like you wouldn't believe!

  6. At first I thought none of them really looked like Adrian. After studying the photos, I think C.

  7. Definitely Photo A for me. It's got the Hawkish look in his eyes.

  8. I like A (intense which Adrian struck me as when older in My Lord & Spymaster) or B (devil-may-care/what-trouble-can-I-cause attitude of the younger Adrian from the other 2 books).

  9. It seems I've been following you around with my choice.

    I'm leaning toward A but B's not bad either. I like the one where he's looking FIERCER! That's who he is. But whichever you choose, it'll be ok w/me....see the pendulum I'm holding...follow it....left...right...left...right...left...right...left...right...left...right...left...right...
    Choose A… Choose A… Choose A… Choose A… Choose A… Choose A… Choose A… Choose A…
    Hey, Jo? Which one did you chose?

    Melanie Friedman

  10. Killer B's! Photo B as in Bazonga, Brilliant, Bravo! I just knew these were pix of Adrian, even before I read the comments

  11. A...definately A (or maybe I'm just in a dangerous mood).

  12. Photo B for the facial expression!

  13. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Photo B! Photos C and D are very soft and mildly effeminate. B B B B B B!

  14. Anonymous10:50 PM

    "C: fer sure...he looks like he grew up with killers and cut-throats but could act as Annique's twin Bavarian brother at 19 and become Sir Adrian in his 30's.It seems such a loooong time to November!!

  15. I agree with that fiercer look in Photo A, there's a lot more to Adrian that what appears on the surface.

  16. Jo, these are great!
    Hmm, let's see ... there's something compelling about D, definitely ... but in the end I have to go with B. It captures Adrian's cock-sure confidence best of all, IMO.

  17. I have to vote for B-- I think it captures Adrian's attitude very well.

    Very exciting! =)

  18. A toss up between B and C (love the chin on both). B has a bit more gravitas, but depending on how old Adrian is, C might be more appropriate. Can't wait to see what the finished card looks like (and even more excited to read Adrian's book!).

  19. B, first, tousled hair, like he's in the midst of changing personas. C, second, because he seems more like a gentleman in that one.

  20. Definitely C. For me, at least, B is too unsubtle--as if he's a high school student trying to intimidate. I feel the same way about A, except it's a vampire trying to look cool.

    In C, he's intense and knowing. There's also an air of danger about the expression.

    What's missing from all of them I think (with the possible exception of A) is Adrian's particular brand of sarcastic or ironic and, in MLAS, even self-deprecating, humor.

    (I love that the comments show how real Adrian has become for us. I, at least, feel less silly about my little obsession.)

  21. Naturally, I'm chiming in late. But I like B. He's neutral. He could go hard as nails in a second, with seriously deadly eyes but if he smiled, the charm would radiate like the sun.

  22. I have what might be called a lack of consensus, except that nobody likes D or E much, so those can be eliminated.

    I also have a bright thought.

    I could do photo B for the Black Hawk card. Then I could do photo C for a third trading card for Spymaster's Lady.

    I really think photo C could pass as a younger version of photo B.

    Though I hate to lose A. All that hawk-like menace and all.

  23. TxDee2:29 PM

    Definitely B--just the right touch of haughtiness in that slightly tilted chin which could also be edginess. Not a man to be trifled with--Adrian has never really been "young", has he? Yes, choose B.

  24. Carol2:39 PM

    I liked the non-photo one from before but that's just my preference - keeps my imagination of him more vibrant. out of the photos, I like B and C the best. Though E is not bad too.

  25. .... and I was about to vote for D - with the hidden face. Lots of secrets inside Adrian.

    I guess C, otherwise. A bit dangerous.

  26. I like C. Nothing else is even a close second.

  27. Carol3:31 PM

    The E pic captures Adrian's curiosity and the vulnerability he has to hide; B has that insouciance and deadly charm mentioned earlier; and C has that razor-sharp observational quality.

  28. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Hmmmm. My vote goes for A with B next.

    And though he might not be Adrian to anyone else, Alex Pettyfer - from Tom Jones' Schooldays and the Alex Rider movie - reminds me a bit of Adrian. Too blonde, but something in his serious/too old look...

  29. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Hm. B and C are closest but none of them seem to be Adrian as he presents
    to the world, dressed to the 9s and sarcastic and somehow respected and accepted in polite society. And they none of them seem to have his mental toughness. C might be him in SL....
    Of course only you know what he's like in his own book!

  30. I admit to being frustrated by a certain lack of agreement here. (jo looks around for a clustering of shots and doesn't find one.) Too many stubborn and original minds hanging about is my diagnosis.

    I will go tear my hair out some more . . .

  31. Jikie4:11 PM

    B!!! I liked E best, but since it apparently has already been shot down...
    B! B! B! B!

  32. geri-ann5:56 PM

    A would be my first choice. B would be in second place.

  33. Here I am chiming in very helpfully with an other vote for A. It's the only one fierce and dangerous enough. (D would have been promising, but the angle of the head hides too much.)

    B's just a touch too silly / self-enamored, without the necessary humor--I'm fairly sure I could take that guy in a fight.

    I like C, though....just wish it had the intensity of A.

  34. Angie G12:10 AM

    B for me, please! :)

  35. Anonymous3:22 AM

    A makes me think Anotonio Banderas in 13th Warrior but I like it.
    Really like B!!! I like the arrogant self assured tilt of the head. He looks young and playful... just like Adrian
    I know B and C are the same person but I think the C pose makes his nose look kind of big and emphasizes the eye liner.
    Don't care for the angle of D.
    The person in E looks very YOUNG.

    I love Hawker and Justine. I can't wait to see how their stories unfold.


  36. Christine1:48 PM

    OK no one asked, but I like the atmosphere of this picture. It's not exactly how I picture Adrian but it's closer and he's mysterious looking. And it's a free stock photo.

  37. I looked at that one, actually. I love the period feel of it. The costume is just wonderful.

    My problem is, he doesn't seem quite tough enough.


  38. Hi: Sorry, but I'm not going to go with any of the choices. In my mind, Adrian will always look like Rudolph Nureyev. I've included an atrocious URL below, but I think if you Google "Rudolph Nureyev by Lord Snowden" you'll get to the same place. Plus! Picture of Naked Nureyev with that Google search.

    Anyway, for the faint of heart:

    If I had to choose from the six above, I guess I'd go with B. But his eyes aren't arresting enough. C has the eyes, but his face is too narrow. And he's not handsome enough.

    Is there one of these polls for Doyle and Grey? What fun!

  39. I've got my Doyle trading card done, thank goodness. I'll be giving them out at RT next week in Los Angeles if I can find anybody to take them.

    I will do a Grey someday.

    But I feel as though Adrian is next up.

  40. After thinking this all over and reading everybody's comments about ten times, I have decided to go with Adrian B for the Black Hawk trading card.

    If I ever get my act together to do Spymaster's Lady Trading Cards, I will use either A or C as the younger Adrian. Probably C, because he seems to go better with B.

    So I am all revved up to do this and ready to roll. Yes!!

  41. Jen Dempsey has been chosen in a random drawing to receive her choice of Forbidden Rose, Spymaster's Lady, or My Lord and Spymaster PLUS a copy of what trading cards I happen to have on hand.

    Jen -- can you get in touch with me so I can send these to you.

  42. Oooh! I'm so excited! Thank you! I'll email you now. =)

  43. Definitely B. That one says Adrian to me more than the others. C is way too homely. The

  44. Ooops, I should've read all the comments first. Glad you picked B!

  45. Yes. Yes. You hit the nail on the head. 'B'. I have the trading cards -- or at least an early version thereof -- in hand.

  46. I'm always going to picture Ben Whishaw when I think of Adrian. In his roles, he manages to convey intensity, raw intelligence, anger and humor convincingly--often in some combination. He's even played a sociopath. He also has the right look, though Whishaw, remarkably, is probably even thinner than Adrian.

    Of course, you can hardly use an actor on a trading card, and in any case, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to use a face that is associated with several other roles.

  47. Yes indeed. He is VERY like.

    See him at:

  48. Hi Annie --

    I try not to use copyright material I have not cleared with the owner. The trading cards I made are all with stock photos. (I went and bought the photos above, fr'instance, so I didn't have to take them down. Even though those are low res pictures anyhow.)

    I'm a strong advocate of Intellectual Property protection -- since that is how I earn my bread. But IP is one of those tangled subjects and I never know where to put my feet in that particular quagmire.

    I don't get mad at folks who take a fairly loose interpretation, but I try to be strict myself while law and common usage are being sorted out.

    So. No movie star pictures. :{ Not even really cool ones.


  49. Jo, I would never be in favor of you or anyone using copyrighted material!

    I just couldn't resist sharing my slightly pervy attraction to the gorgeous Mr. Whishaw. But hey, I don't want to date him--he's my son's age--I just want to look at him. ;)

  50. This is just aesthetic appreciation. Like . . . um . . . looking at a statue or something.

  51. Have you chosen one yet Jo? Can you not Photoshop the intensity of A, the look of B and the sweetness of D into one photo?

  52. Hi Deniz --

    I hate to admit it, but my photoshop fu is not up to that job. *g*

    I'm going with Photo B for Black Hawk. When/if I do cards for Spymaster's Lady or MLAS, I'll use one of the other, younger photos.

  53. Oh Joanne, definitely B, B, B - he is Adrian

  54. Definitely B!

  55. Hi Susan and Ally --

    I have to tell you that 'B' was the photo I went with for the Black Hawk trading cards. I somewhat darkened the face and put a red background behind it.

  56. Frazzle11:53 PM

    Another B from me. :-)