Friday, January 07, 2011

The Mac Arrives

The Mac arrives in a plain brown box,
brought to the door by a stranger
in uniform.

I slit the side.  It has paper triangles at each corner, tough and smooth, like playground equipment for juvenile pixies. 
I slide it out.

This is when the cat comes to help.
"You have a computer that is not full of cat hair," says the cat.  "I can fix that."

"Thank you," says I.

"Think nothing of it," says the cat.

The Macbook comes sitting on a soft cushiony black pad, with black and white things about it.


It's wrapped in a layer of thin plastic, which I remove, being handy that way.

The cat helps.

For a while I try to open the computer from the back, wrong way round.
"Hmmm . . ."  hmmms I to myself.  "I know this has a magnetic lock, but that is a very strong magnetic lock.
Eventually, I get it right.
and take the keyboard protection off.

Hello, Mac, says I.


  1. Joanna, you crack me up! Glad it arrived safely :) Hope it's "friendly". I'm not a fan of Mac. We seem to "rub" each other the wrong way....I'm still comfy with my Windows :)

  2. Too funny. Is this your first Mac? I'm still learning mine and I've had it a few yrs. (But I'm not tech. savvy). I like Scrivener. Makes me write in scenes.

  3. Very nice!!

    and it is very nice for you to introduce it to us!!

    and my kitty also likes to inspect all packages that come into his domain!

    My friends who have Macs rave about them!!

    I'm just glad Scrivener is coming to Windows!

  4. Congrats on the new addition to your writing family! I'm sure your cat will have it smelling right, via ample cheek-rubs, in no time at all. :)

  5. Ohh, sounds like fun! I've never used a Mac before.. I'm a PC girl.


  6. This is indeed my first Mac.
    It's taking a while.

    This is moving slow because I'm setting the MOve-to-Mac aside and working with the manuscript and trying to, y'know, do the IRL thing as well.

    So I spend the day pounding at the ms (on the PC,) and leave the Mac sitting on the table, looking 'not-angry-but-very-disappointed' because I haven't time to get to it.

    On the Mac, last time I had it open, I was still sorting my way through Microsoft Word 2011, turning the Word madness off to the extent possible.

    I haven't even begun to transfer files.

    I'll post a diary of my approach to the Mac when I finally get it up and running.

  7. Welcome to the Mac world! Dropbox can make the transition a little easier (and is handy for off-site backups).

  8. Hi Stephanie --

    I am about to move some files on a thumb drive, just to see how it works . . .
    (jo steps into deeper water)

    Wish me luck.