Friday, January 28, 2011

Sign up for the AAR Annual Reader's Poll -- Best of 2010

All About Romance is holding its Fifteenth Annual Readers Poll for Best Books of the Year.

It's here:

What books did you read last year that impressed you?

What 2010 book needs more recognition?
What new authors blew your socks off?

Readers don't have so much chance to speak out.  We don't all have blogs to hold up a book and say -- "This is great."
The AAR poll is the chance for readers to say, "I loved this hero."  "I loved this book."

When I'm pointing folks towards Romance genre books, I always suggest they go to the AAR site and see what the readers there recommend.
Go -- recommend. 

Who's the best hero?  The best heroine?  The best Funny Romance?  The best erotica?  The best paranormal?

And  there's a category for 'most disappointing' if you just have to get that off your chest.

The poll runs till Sunday, February 6th at midnight.

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