Monday, November 01, 2010

Dragged in from Facebook

Me, (on Facebook) :  My computer is sick.  Sick.  Sick.  Sick.
If desperation were a cup, mine would be full up to the top and brimming over.
You know how writers go into a quiet room and create stuff and maybe put their feet up and consider plotting over a cup of strong tea. . . .
Me.  Not so much.
I just think about the damned nightmare computer.

I will limp it along till January when the deadline and the editor changes will be done.

In January I am going to give serious thought to getting a Mac. I am weary beyond words of every chapter feeling like a sandcastle built below the tideline


  1. I'm trying the windows beta of Scrivener.... not for Nano, but just to find my voice and some ideas out....

    I wouldn't try it on your demon computer because betas cannot be considered 'reliable' but macs aren't the only game in town...

    Heavens, don't let the pro-mac people hear that or I'll be pummeled within an inch of my life!!!

    PS: congrats on the RT nomination!!! It is a very good book!!

  2. I don't mind Microsoft Word. The organization of files is just fine.

    When I move to a new computer, it takes me about six to eight hours to root out all the nanny nonsense Windows has built into normal dot doc and customize all the settings so it doesn't annoy me. I especially like killing the paperclip jerk.

    A friend showed me scrivener the other day. She seems pleased with it. I'm more about file names than about icons, myself, but there is more to scrivner than that and I'll keep an open mind.

    I'm listening and listening to pro- and anti- Mac.
    But I'm not thinking about it yet.
    No thinking till January.

    Meanwhile, I write along quietly, trying not to joggle the computer. It becomes more and more eccentric with each passing hour.
    I have to leave it on all the time because it doesn't like to start up.

    Not good.

  3. I'm sure you are doing backups for your book... whether on cd or flash drive or some other archival method... (printing?)

    Good Luck with Justine. I'm truly looking forward to it!!

    Thank you for all your words... they are good ones!

  4. I made the switch to Mac awhile back and I don't regret it for a minute.

  5. Hi Skittles --

    When I felt doom creeping up behind me and breathing down my neck, I subscribed to Mozy. I have no idea whether this will actually do me any good when my computer, inevitably, goes belly up.

    We does what we can.

    And I'm sending the chapters to gmail every day.

    There is just no bright side to having your computer get a death wish when you have less than a month to deadline.

  6. Hi Carolyn --

    I am surrounded by folks with strong opinions on this, no two of whom agree. Come January I must take action, alas.

  7. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Hi Joanna,

    I switched to a Mac when my Dell got very ill. I actually bought the windows application for Mac instead of using Notes. It makes it the best blend of both and having the extra classes if you need them is wonderful.
    Until then, maybe your computer would like the cup of tea? Chamomile perhaps like Pierre Lapin's mother favored...

    PS I can't wait for Justine's story.

  8. Hi Anon -

    I will let you know in January what I decide to do. A Windows application may be the answer. I have a friend who swears by this.

    Do you know . . . I actually don't like chamomile tea. Maybe I just haven't had good chamomile.
    It tastes rather like grass.

    My favorite is simple mint. I take Celestial Seasons peppermint tea bags with me when I'm travelling.

  9. Hi Jo:

    I'm sure you will receive lots of advice but my suggestion is an external hard drive -- inexpensive, plugs into a UBS port and you can copy any and every thing onto it. In fact, you can schedule backups to happen without your participation. Ours saved us when our laptop (less than 3 years old) died.

    PS: I'm with you on the Chamomile -- it upsets my stomach -- ironic, no?

  10. Hi S.F. --

    The external hard drive sounds like a good idea. Right now, the D.H. does an external backup onto a hard drive only about every month or two.

    This is not enough to do any good with the current manuscript, of course, but good for the long term storage of old works and pictures and so on.

    We will see how Mozy works.

    When I get a new computer I'll try to transfer stuff to using Mozy. We will SEE.

    I like the idea of an off-site backup. I do not precisely expect meteorites or lightning or tsunamis or a wandering singularity to strike the house . . . but, (she says darkly,) I wouldn't be surprised either.

  11. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I love, love, love my imac. Don't know why I didn't switch it out sooner.

  12. I understand there's a significant learning curve.

    In January I'll track down somebody who has a Mac and see if it feels comfortable to use.

    "I just want something robust," she wails.

  13. I've had my Lenovo Thinkpad for nearly three years now and it's still going strong. But even the best computers will give up the ghost sooner or later. How old is yours?

    As to the Microsoft paperclip--you must be using a REALLY old version of Word. They got rid of him several versions ago, I think. (g)

  14. I use Word 97. I have a legit copy and I keep moving it from computer to computer.

    This computer is four or five years old, I guess. Hard to tell. Bits and piece of it keep being replaced. Sort of a Frankenstein computer.

    I guess you could say I am a laggard in adopting new technology.