Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a pity it isn't illegal . . . Regency Ice Cream

Ice cream is exquisite. 
What a pity it isn't illegal. 

There's a certain perversity to Mother Nature.
Strawberry_ice_cream 4 Take  strawberry ice cream. 
Here we have an obvious Good Thing.  Combine fresh strawberries, something sweet, and milk.  Cradle the mixture in ice and harden it. 
Voilà -- you're going to end up with something tasty.

But it's not so straightforward.

Here, at Word Wenches


  1. Lovely, lovely, Jo -- visited with "the wenches" and scooped up your ice cream exposé with delectable abandon.


  2. Hi Carol --

    I can't imagine why I'm talking about ice cream in the middle of October. It's not hot weather anywhere -- northern or southern hemisphere.

    But I had the material ready and didn't want to wait nine months till it got all hot again.