Friday, September 10, 2010

Giveaways at Romance Reviews and Today and Everyday

Yes.  There are folks out there who would rather have you as a reader than own a copy of Forbidden Rose.  I am sure this is misguided on their part

Here is Romance Reviews being part of BlogFest 2010 and giving away a copy of Forbidden Rose and Larissa Ione's Sin Undone.
(Forbidden is in great company, isn't she?)

Romance Reviews gave me a lovely review here, which was very nice of them even before they decided to include my book in a contest.  Their new site address will be here.
They have excellent taste in giveaways.


This blogfest thingum just seems to have let loose a raging torrent of folks who want to give you Forbidden Rose.

Jeanette at Today & Everyday is attempting to rid herself of a signed copy.
I do not quite know how she got hold of one since there are very few signed copies of TFR out there.  Maybe a dozen at most.

(I will be signing TFR in Vancouver in October.)

Nonetheless, passing over her error in judgement in tossing Forbidden Rose to the Four Winds, I will mentiion she is offering it in the company of:

Murder and Magick by Isabel Roman (signed)
Truly Madly by Heather Webber
Scorched by Sharon Ashwood
Love You To Death by Shannon K. Butcher
Demon's Kiss by Eve Silver
Naked Dragon by Annette Blair
none of which I happen to have read yet, but we got some intriguing possibilities, do we not?  
Eve Silver wrote Sin's Daughter, among other books, and always has such lovely covers that I am entirely green with envy.  


  1. Hey, Jo, you crack me up. :) Glad you like the review. And thanks for this lovely post.

    The Romance Reviews

  2. Hi Carole --

    Thank ye kindly.

    I'm pretty sure FTC Regulations require that I now pop up and say I'm getting no profit from linking here to Romance Reviews and have no relationship with them a' t'all or with Larissa Ione, for that matter.

    I feel all over-regulated and held in suspicion.

  3. Hi Jo,

    *casting fearfully around for overly officious Internet ghouls--er, regulators--preying on defenseless bloggers of tantalizing contest information*

    Thank You!

  4. Hi Deborah --

    The FTC now regulates the way you can give endorsements if you have a blog.

    It's here,

    though I wouldn't swear that's the latest version.

    ". . . bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service."

    So I have to admit that Diana Gabaldon took me to lunch once, (super brag,) before I can tell you her book, OUTLANDER, is the bee's knees when it comes to characterization and narrative drive.

    Awkward and intrusive and, to use your word, officious, and
    *jo does NOT begin a rant*
    so on.

  5. OT alert. Did I just see a "coming soon" after Her Ladyship's Companion"? If so, hurrah! I managed to find a used copy that did not require my taking out a second mortgage on my condo, and I think it's high time all your readers had access to the prequel (or perhaps postquel is more accurate) to your spymaster series.

  6. Hi Annie --

    Oh dear. No. No.

    No plans for making Her Ladyship's Companion available. I'm just going to paste a page on the website about it. . . . As soon as I scrape some time together after the deadline in December.

    But I do plan to see about making HLC available on some small scale, unless my agent says, "Really, don't." It just has to wait till after December.

  7. Anonymous11:41 PM

    If you post anything, I highly recommend the ballroom scene with the old ladies...yummy. DLS

  8. Hi DLS --

    Pointless author story here.

    The original manuscript didn't have that scene in it.

    The editor said, "It's a Regency. Put a ballroom scene in."
    Or words to that effect.

    So I goes off and writes a ballroom scene and sticks it in where there was nothing in particular happening . . .

  9. Hi Jo, I'd love to have a copy of HLC. I hope it goes into print again. Do let your publisher know there's one more avid reader clamoring for HLC, if that's gonna help. LOL

    But for the meantime, I'm gonna be reading My Lord and Spymaster.

    The Romance Reviews

  10. Hi Carole --

    I don't think . . . heck, I'm sure Berkley wouldn't be interested in printing HLC.

    There are some companies that specialize in these old Regencies. I might be able to interest one of them in it.

    I'm going to look into this once I get the Justine story in, in December.

  11. Hi Jo,

    That would be great news for all your fans, I'm sure. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it then. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to Adrian's and Justine's story. :)


  12. Hi Carole --

    I always imagine these giveaway books going to someone who's trying to get the OTHER book and is a bit bewildered when they receive Forbidden Rose.

    "What am I going to do with this?" they say, turning it over in their hands. "I don't even read Historical."

    But maybe they'll like it and I'll have a new reader. *g*