Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An interview at Romantic Crush Junkies

Interview with me here at Romantic Crush Junkies.

They have reviews of books by Anna Campbell, Julia Quinn and a whole raft of Nicola Cornick goodness.  Cool stuff.


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I love your description of "literary kudzu."
    Actually, I like reading descriptions of prophecies and what someone's grandfather did. Don't recall needing any descriptions of sunrise over the steppes.
    What I get tired of are looooong conversations. I want folks to just stop yapping and go for a walk, or drink some tea, or starting kissing.

    What an interesting way to prune out all the unnecessary verbiage. Sometimes a little distance, in time and space, helps to fall out of love with one's less perfect phrases.

  2. Hi Franzeca --

    In this part of the country, kudzu takes over so fast you can actually see it making progress in a single day, creeping it fingers out across the road . . .

    What they need is little tough wild goats to go after it. There's a company that rents them out for just this purpose. Unfortunately, if they turned them loose to clear out the kudzu of the wilderness, the goats would ignore the kudzu and go after everybody's hibiscus.

    The deer, for instance, pass by 305,789 wild plants to come down next to my mailbox and eat my hibiscus.