Friday, July 02, 2010

Interview 'avec moi', a Forbidden Rose giveaway

It is with some chagrin I note yet another website is eager to give away their copy of Forbidden Rose.

And yet, there it is.  The excellent writers at 'All The World's Our Page' will give you a chance at a spanking new copy of Forbidden Rose if you drop by and comment at 20 Questions.

While there, you will have the opportunity to

1) read the 20 Question interview with me where I natter on about life, writing philosophy, coffee shops, 'story as the elephant in the writing playpen', and other matters of breathless interest;

2) discover a brief excerpt from Forbidden Rose which might be entitled 'Jean-Paul and His Knife' or 'What Maggie and Doyle Were Doing Before They Had Wild Monkey Sex';

3) read the similar but more interesting and polished 20 Questions with Deanna Raybourn which will absolutely require you to go out and buy her books if for some inexplicable reason you have not already done so.


  1. Just a lovely interview, Jo. I think writing takes tremendous guts, which I'm still trying to figure out if I have. When you said you thought everyone had stories in your head, that resonated with me. Until recently, I just assumed that was the case. I mean, how else are you to entertain yourself when you're in the grocery line? I think it's why I'm never bored.

    But I can't quite imagine how I'd outline a story, since all I have are scenes. The few I've written down I already know would have to be thrown out--the setting isn't right, the characters are a different age than I thought, etc. And then there's a character off stage who's not even in the story, and I find him really annoying. I'm in awe of you and other writers who can live with the unrulyness.

    One thing I will say is that my nonfiction writing is getting easier and easier. I don't know why that should be the case except that I seem to have let go of some of my perfectionism and it's flowing easily. Sometimes I think my head is making room for stories. I'm sure the perfectionist in my head would just love that. I can already hear her saying, "I'm back!"

    The Forbidden Rose is still fronted (in 2 places!) in my local Borders. I've given away a copy, and a good friend just bought a copy. That word-of-mouth thing really works. I discovered you when Julia Quinn posted a recommendation for The Spymaster's Lady on her blog.

  2. When you said you thought everyone had stories in your head . . .

    Obviously, I meant "their head." Sigh.

  3. Brilliant interview Jo! May I ask, do you ever get fans disturbing you while at the coffee shop?
    I've just done the draw for one of the ARCs!

  4. Hi Annie --

    What I've done is made a separate posting about plotting and outlining.

    I get, as I say, prolix.

  5. Hi Deniz --

    There are folks in town who know I write books, but they mostly tell me they 'don't read books', which is discouraging to the feelings of a writer. Or they tell me about their sister-in-law who self-published something.

    You are so cool to hold this contest. So cool.