Monday, June 21, 2010

My Dog

Could anyone possibly be interested?

Me.  My dog.  My coffee.

Here we are, me and Brittany. She's a ... can I call her All American Dog? We think she's collie and husky.

But maybe it's more complex than that.
It's a wise dog that knows its own father.

I drink coffee in the morning and make up a pot of tea for the late afternoon.

When I'm working at home, Brittany is right there keeping me company while I type away.

Here, you see us having the day's first cuppa. That's Brittany just checking it out for me. Note the 'walking ware' -- those are classic cups.

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  1. Read the full interview...have to say, I'm a Smithie. Love the Northampton brews myself. Nice memory of one of my favorite places on Earth.

    Oh, and adorable dog. So expressive!

  2. Beautiful place. My husband went to college in Vermont, so we used to drive through on our way. And we have old friends there.

    I like the coffee. It's worth it to me to pay the shipping to get just exactly the quality of coffee I want.

    One of my small luxuries.

  3. Jo, next time you're in Vermont, you might try the Vermont Coffee Company (located in Middlebury) brews. I'm especially enamoured of their French roast. I'll have to try the Northampton coffees--my love for coffee is similar to other folks' love for beer, though I've been known to drink coffee out of a machine. Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures!

    Loved hearing about Brittany and the interesting connection to LeBreton. Evidently Dickens didn't notice that David Copperfield, his most explicitly autobiographical novel, was a reversal of his own initials until his best friend and biographer pointed it out to him. I appreciate these examples of how a writer's unconscious works!

  4. Hi Annie P --

    I like the more mid to mild roasts, meeself. And yes, I think my love for coffee is like other folks' love ofr beer.

    I have not drunk automatic vending machine coffee very often. (Let me pause to add that to my list of things to be grateful for.)
    For some reason I associate very bad coffee in paper cups with disaster.

    I am very glad to have an unconscious mind, of the writer variety or not. I count on it to do all the work for me.

  5. Very cute post! Your dog looks to be part lion, actually.

    Another fine coffee: Peet's. We're lucky enough to have it where I live, but when we lived in Ohio (for seven loooooong and unnatural years) we had it shipped in.

    And I envy you walks in the woods with your dog...we *could* do that in Ohio, which was one of the only things we miss: woods full of deer, which our dog smelled but apparently couldn't SEE even when they were staring at us from twenty yards away, because he'd always tear off following the scent trail in exactly the wrong direction. He also loved to walk through the frozen creeks, crashing through the cover of ice to soak in freezing water (retrievers...they have odd tastes.)

    Where we live now it's a tiny backyard and sidewalks, but there are great dog parks, including some gorgeous ones along the San Francisco Bay--hundreds of dogs leaping and running and swimming. Pure canine joy!

  6. I'm glad you can get out to the dog parks. SF is just a beautiful city.

    I feel so very lucky to have woods and fields around me.

    Now my dog does take off after the deer. Poor things. She chases them, in absolute silence, for about sixty feet. Then lets them go and comes back, grinning, just as if she's done something clever.