Friday, June 04, 2010

At Borders Books. . . the interview

Here I am at Borders . . . doing an interview and answering all kinds of interesting questions . . 


Setting: Paris. But this is the Paris of the Terror. In France it was Year Two of the Revolution, the month of Thermidor. For the rest of us, it was July 1794.

Subgenre: Historical Romance.

Hero:  William Doyle, spy.

They call him the best field agent in Europe. He’s not the enemy you’d pick if you have any choice in the matter. Unfortunately for Maggie, he’s in France hunting de Fleurignacs.

. . .  this continues at the Borders Books where I wax eloquent in the comment trail.



  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    I keep hoping that in one of your internet appearances you'll share a little more of Doyle's backstory. What on earth is the deal with his father and brothers? And if he's a younger son, how did he become a Viscount? What got him into spying? (I never find your appearances in time to ask this, so I'm doing so here... I live in hope.)

  2. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Ms. Bourne, I have just finished Forbidden Rose and I thank you for another wonderful novel. As soon as I put it down my daughter home from college for the summer grabbed it. She is now holed up in her room until she finishes it. Thanks again for so much pleasure.


  3. Hi Isolde --

    I am just so happy you like the book. Thank you for telling. There is nothing I like better than knowing I have brought a little relaxation and enjoyment into somebody's life.

  4. Hi DLS --

    I will post something about Doyle's background. I know all this stuff, of course, but it didn't necessarily belong in FORBIDDEN.

    I may wait a little while before I go talking about this, because it might interfere with people's enjoyment of the story somehow or other. Might pull them away from looking at Doyle as he is in 1794.

  5. Carol8:42 PM

    I've finished Forbidden Rose and loved it! You create a wonderful world in your books, sexy and exciting and suspenseful, I enjoy being in it very much. Loved the Easter eggs and the great possibilities this book opened. Always liked Doyle and glad to see the story of him and Maggie. Also glad Maggie has some no nonsense, honest feelings about sex - save me from the wilting violets. I can't wait for Adrian's story. Especially that set up with Justine...

  6. Hi Carol --

    I'm glad you liked it. I am wrestling with JUSTINE right now and finding it very difficult. (sigh)

  7. I just finished Forbidden Rose this morning. Sigh!! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful book....a wonderful world you created, and Doyle and Maggie are terrific, earthy, soulful characters. And the set-up you've left us with for Justine and Adrian...oh my goodness!!

    I really was torn the whole time with NOT WANTING TO PUT IT DOWN and wanting it to last.... At some point I'd love to gush about all the SPECIFIC things I loved, but I'll be very quiet for now so's not to dilute anyone else's experience. THANK YOU!!

  8. Elisa --

    I am so very glad you enjoyed it.

    Right now I'm trying to write the JUSTINE manuscript and keep everything disentangled from that last scene in FORBIDDEN. I just complicate my life out of all reason when I mess around the timeline this way.

    I will eventually post some pictures of two or three of the locales in the story. I want to wait till the folks who bought the book this week get to reading it. Probably it'll be in a week or two.