Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Word Wenches

I'm guesting today over at Word Wenches, with an interview and everything.  It's all here.

The 'everything' includes a chance to win a copy of Forbidden Rose.

Word Wenches is where all the cool kids hang out.

Do you want to read more about Forbidden Rose?  My webpage is here.


  1. Loved the interview and loved being led to the Forbidden Rose page on your site. I'm so glad we're going to meet Justine, about whom I have mixed feelings due to her off-stage appearance in TSL. I'm sure all will be explained and justfied (*g*), and I'll love her.

    Jo, I love knowing you read Rafael Sabatini. No one I know has even heard of him--Captain Blood, the Sea Hawk--what would Errol Flynn's career have been without him? Another girlhood favorite of mine in the same vein was Samuel Shellabarger. I was completely in love with The King's Cavalier, a copy of which I stumbled on getting dusty in my parent's basement when I was in junior high. Oh and Frank Yerby. No wonder I love your books. I was brought up on swashbuckling romances!

  2. Hi Annie --

    For some reason, women are not supposed to go on adventures or have quests of buckle swashes. This is so unfair.

    I don't know how well aadventure stories mix with genre Romance, but we will eventually find out.