Friday, May 21, 2010

That Woman in a Red Dress

Those of you familiar with my 'cover obsession' will remember that I pointed out a certain similarity between the dress and cover model of Forbidden Rose and that of Susan Enoch's stepback for Before the Scandal.

I mentioned that here.

You probably have to click on the picture to see the detail.

More about covers below the fold --

Anyways . . .I was looking at Meredth Duran's most excellent Written on Your Skin, as many of you have no doubt been doing recently. "Oh good," thinks I to myself.  "They have given Forbidden Rose the same color treatment as WoYS.  How utterly cool."

Even the dress looks similar.  Though on Forbidden Rose it is just in what we might call the preliminary stages of sliding off.

But what is exciting about this is that  I have joined the red-and-black covers.  So cool.

These are all in the top 50 Romance sellers at Amazon right now and they are all red-and-black.
I do not know what this means, but I think it is good.


  1. Anonymous12:20 AM

    I do not see FR available in Amazon Kindle format. Will it be soon? Would love to pre-order and read on June 1!

  2. The other two books have gone into the e-formats, including Kindle. But the e-editions releases were not simultaneous with the print edition.

    The sad truth is, I don't know any more about the kindle release date than you do. The authors are always the last to know. :(

  3. I'm returning home from a conference on Monday night, which means I get Tuesday off as a day in lieu and Wednesday off because it's my birthday. Tuesday morning, bright and early, I'll be at my local bookstore picking up FR. I'm going to be fried from the conference, and I can't think of a better way to recover than hanging out with Maggie, Doyle, and Adrian. I'm just slightly worried that mooning over a 12-year-old Adrian is going to make me feel even pervier than usual.

  4. I am going to my cp's house this weekend to send out queries for my book. The thought makes me nauseous- FR will be my reward.

    I was outbid on the Brenda Novak auction for your 10 pg crit (but maybe made a new friend in the process), I will keep my eye on the second.

  5. Hi Anon --

    Coming back to the kindle question. It looks as though the kindle is good to go and will be available June 1.

    I think there was some problem between Amazon (kindle) and Penguin, who publish me. Maybe about pricing . . ? And for a couple of months Penguin books didn't get kindled.
    When I think about this stuff, my brain aches, so I don't.

    I am so sorry for authors who were released in this last couple of months who had to wait to get into the kindle edtion. And their readers, too. That just sucks.

  6. Hi Annie --

    I am so delighted you will buy Forbidden Rose. Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.

    And happy birthday.

    I was thinking about the 'mooning over' factor and Adrian and realized that in the genre we DON'T see very many examples of the hero when he is young.

    Part of this is we don't see the whole lifetime of either protagonist in 'the book'. The love story is three weeks or three months or whatever out of these people's lives. We hit them when they're twenty to thirty, generally. We don't walk through the rest of their lives.

    The author knows what the protagonists' childhoods were like, but can't share this with the reader.

    I dunnoh how this all speaks to the question of 'what is sexy' in a man, or 'what is heroic'. Lots of this stuff is just mysterious to me.

    I will put this on my list of things to ponder in the dark reaches of the night.

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  8. Hi LL --

    I am somewhat flabberghasted by the auction thingum. But the thought of giving this amount to diabetes research just warms me right through.

    I am delighted that you will be sending out queries.

    I wish you the best of luck with the query.
    As one who obsesses in a fretful and unproductive way over details, let me advise you not to follow in my footsteps on that.
    The query letter has to be perfect, yes.

    But it is the writing, the writing, the writing that matters. Always the writing. Have faith in your work.

  9. Hi Jo. Got my hot little hands on a copy of FR. Thank you kindly for my place in the Acks. I don't really deserve it, but I love it all the same. :)

    Re Maggie and Doyle: Gawd, I just want to crawl into their story and wallow, after just the little bit I've read. It's so lovely. And the young Adrian! Suffice it to say I am still smitten (only now I feel kind of pervy about it).

    I haven't managed to finish yet only because it's a holiday weekend, and hubs's last weekend off before he descends into Opera Hell at the theater, so for some odd reason he wants to spend time with me. And apparently he isn't satisfied with watching me read. Alas.

    Soon, though. Yay! :)

  10. Hi Linda --

    Glad you are enjoying FR so far. Glad also that the hubster will be doing wonderful things with opera next week.
    (Yeah opera!!)

    Adrian is in the neighborhood of thirteen in Forbidden Rose, but he is sexually active. I think this is historically acturate. It makes sense when I look at his character. He would not be an innocent.

    But it's hard to know what to FEEL about all this.

  11. Hey Jo,

    Finished. Am experiencing those mixed emotions--elation and sadness--that only a truly excellent book can leave me with. I am SO not ready to leave your fictive world. *sigh*

    I ADORE Maggie and Doyle. In fact, (dare I say it?) Doyle may have supplanted Adrian in my heart. For the time being, in any case. Because charmingly ruthless as Adrian is at thirteen, he is still...thirteen. And Doyle is so...not thirteen. *lascivious g*

    But I expect Adrian will make a comeback in the next book. And I'm already counting the days...

  12. Hi Linda --

    I am so glad the book worked for you.

    I kinda like Doyle myself. *g*

    I am now, of course, tearing my hair out over the JUSTINE manuscript and carefully NOT reading reviews because they drive me insane and give me fits.
    Not a pretty sight, me, in fits.

  13. Anonymous8:55 PM

    While the cover of FR is beautiful, it is a bit incongruous, because if that is Doyle on the cover, he never wears anything formal in this book. ahem. But I don't pay attention to covers that much, it's what's between them is more interesting.

  14. Hi Anon --

    I have what might be called moderate expectations for covers . . .
    so this one delights me,
    even though there are a couple few little problems with it.

    The one you point out. Yes.