Friday, March 05, 2010

The JUSTINE Manuscript

Justine comes along slowly.
Slowly . . . slowly . . . slowly.

I've finished up a big section and I'm moving on to new territory.
Trying to limit the number of characters in the manuscript. 
Trying to simplify this maze of a plot.

I'm about 50K words into the Very Rough Draft.


  1. Yes yes yes!!

    I do love that movie.

  2. Oh, Bowie! (Hee.) I can't wait for Justine. Heck, I can't wait for Maggie, either.

  3. @ Linda --

    They should be mailing out the 'Forbidden Rose' ARCs from Berkley any time now. Nt long after that, it'll get shipped out to stores.

    So, a couple months.

  4. You could always write a Jareth type character down the line ;)

    Tight pants and knee boots are a must though.

  5. @ Katiebabs --

    Tight pants and kneeboots are a strong possibility.

    Jareth -- I don't get a strong sense of his character from the movie. (Haven't read the book ever.) He is not so much a 'person' as a symbol, I think. An archetype.

    I will think about him as an archetype. That's interesting. Yes.