Thursday, December 24, 2009

Copy edits done on MAGGIE (Forbidden Rose)

We're finished.
I say goodbye to Justine and Guillaume LeBreton, (who is William Doyle) and Maggie and Hawker.

Though I'll get back to them in a week or so when I start plotting the JUSTINE manuscript . . . which used to be the ADRIAN manuscript in my head but is now Justine's story.

As to Forbidden Rose and all I wanted to accomplish . . .
it's either in there, or it's not.

This post-copyedit period is when I walk around muttering, "I could have made it really good if I had another month."

I'm probably fooling myself.


  1. Oooh, very exciting news! Looking forward to some great reading time in 2010!

  2. Thank ye kindly.

    I will point those who enjoy the swashbucking and the funny in the direction of Amber Quill and The Bride and the Buccaneer. Available right now.

    Can't link, but

  3. Yay, Jo! Congrats...and I'm sure it's wonderful. Can't wait to read it!


  4. Hi Jen ..

    **jo waves***

    You are so kind.

    June. Not out till June.

  5. My birthday's in June! One good thing about getting older is you get to read more books!

  6. Not till June!! And I don't suppose it'll be in the UK even then. :(

  7. I don't know how distribution works. The UK is funny about releasing foreign books.

    You will have noticed this ...

  8. Congrats! Can't wait for the book. And I loved the post before this one too.

  9. Hi Sabrina --

    (waves madly) Thank you.

    I write these long, self-indulgent, fairly incomprehensible Technical Topic posts wth the blythe certainty that no one actually reads them.


  10. We have to wait until JUNE? (sigh) :)

    Congratulations! I can' t wait to read it.

  11. Hi Tara --

    You sound just like my editor. She's saying ... will you be able to deliver JUSTINE early?

    AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH. HOw do people write two books a year? How do they even write ONE book a year? How? How? How?

    Why am I so much slower than everybody else?

    (jo ponders and comes to no grand realizations)

  12. Jo,

    I think in the grand scheme, you are rather quick.

    I just have no patience whatsoever. Especially when waiting for books as good as yours!

  13. Oh. Let us look at the grand scheme of things. I always look better when we take a broad and tolerant view.

  14. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Umm... I'm coming late to your blog to just say wow & I am so happy to be looking forward to another of your stories. I got an ebook reader for Christmas and downloaded the Spymaster's Lady and then My Lord & Spymaster, and devoured them in a tour de force couple of days of blocking out children, husband, dinner, bill-paying, watering the Christmas tree, whatever got in my way. So given my ability to so devour, I share your editor's and other commenters' lack of patience. But your stories are so good, it's worth the wait. -- L.

  15. Hi L --

    Oh my. Thank you so much. I love to know folks like the books and can get away for a little 'vacation', reading.

    My Maggie, in Forbidden Rose, is a 'softer' character than Jess or Annique. More feminine.

    Just as determined though.

    I hope folks enjoy her story.