Saturday, November 21, 2009

Close to the end of Maggie

I am close to the end of Maggie. Just a little writing still to do.

Feels good.


  1. Long wait ...
    June 2010.

    They don't have the cover picture up at Amazon yet.
    It's a real pretty cover.

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Back a few pages to crunchy Thanksgiving foods....

    I can't find the actual recipe as my aunt made these, but if you take canned yams and mash them with butter and a little cinnamon and cover them in a baking dish with heaps of crushed up ginger snaps (then bake), that's slightly crunchy and covers vegetables in a very loose yet y(a)ummy way!

  3. So I can't pre-order yet? :-)
    (word verification: crobarr)

  4. It's at Amazon and Borders for pre-order, but not yet at Barnes and Noble.

    It feel strange to be pushing at deadlines on a manuscript when the actual book won't be in stores for six or seven months.

  5. @ Anon --

    I am a great fan of sweet potatoes and cook them in several forms. Hadn't thought of the 'baked with gingersnaps' but it sounds lovely.

    I won't have them this Thanksgiving, because of the pumpkin pie.

    But you have reminded me of summersquash which is a possibility ...