Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little bits of Good News

I know. I know.

I promised I would be done with the manuscript on August One
and said I'd show up again bright and happy and full of blogwords after that.

Ummm .... Not quite.
I'm still stuffing the story octopus into the plot coke bottle.

So, not so much keeping up with the blog is going on, though it is only a postponement of blogkeepery and a veritable torrent of creativity will be unleashed when I finally finish the manuscript.


Two nuggets of news:

My Lord and Spymaster is out in Russian. Here. I had forgotten this was going to happen.
The title seems to be, 'My Sweet Spy'.

See the cover? Isn't that pretty?

In this case it is Sebastian who cannot keep his shirt on.
(Metaphor-taken-literally-itis sweeps Romancelandia.)
And Jess is blonde.
Yes. Yes. Yes.

The other news is that the French rights to Spymaster's Lady have been sold. Woot woot. Yes!

That one I'll be able to read.

Oh Frabjous Day.

My Indian name is AshkoHaHa.


  1. Dear Jo,
    Love the cover! Also loved your line "I'm still stuffing the story octopus into the plot coke bottle."
    I took intro to Russian a couple of years ago and can safely say that it really does say Joanna Bourne on the cover - though actually it literally says Born, but I guess pronounciation covers the rest!

  2. The best part of translation is getting a cool new cover. Someday, they will send me a copy of the book too, which will also be neat.

    I'm apparently getting a recycled cover. *g*
    This is like finding out you have the same birthday as somebody else. Feels weird somehow.

  3. When I studied French, a couple of my friends were in the Russian program at the same school: Americans named D-jjjoyce and D-jjjosh. I made a few extra bucks as a lab ass for the English learning program and was called FEE-lees (with the L way back in your throat). Anyway, it's nice to see your Russian book D-jjjoanna :)

  4. The 'D' in front of my name feels very natural. It was pronounced that way, sometimes, in the Middle East --
    When they didn't give me a 'Y' sound.

  5. "Sweet" works, but I prefer "darling." (I took 3 years of college Russian.)

    Jo, I'm going to say to you what I say to my authors. Think how much more you have accomplished by giving yourself an ambitious deadline. (Okay, maybe it was your editor's deadline, but you take my point.) This small delay is no problem.

  6. Hi Annie --

    I DID manage to get the manuscript in under deadline.
    (jo collapses like the runner from Marathon)

    My wonderful editor, having other work on her desk, kindly said I could continue to polish till she actually gets to it.

    There are gremlins who sneak in at night and add typos to mss. This is the only explanation.
    And could I possibly have used the word 'uncanny' five times??
    No way.