Monday, April 06, 2009

DA BWAHA -- Oh Rats

I didn't win the DA BWAHA.

There were close to 1100 votes. The final scores were 12 votes apart. This is just a tremendous showing for Spymaster's Lady.

Thank you all for your votes and your support. A cool and wonderful tournament.


  1. Oh rats is right...I was cheering for ya!

    At least you can take comfort in knowing that the un-winners circle is full of some tremendous authors. You're in good company:)

  2. Rats??? BOO HOO HOOOOooooo is more like it. :(

  3. Oh Lord yes. I'm in the company of awesome good writers. A better- managed universe would have us all going out for drinks to toast the winner.

    (And making Patricia Briggs pay for the first round ... *g*)

  4. I'm feeling sorry for whoever it is who doesn't win the tournament because I didn't make it through the finals.

    I feel like I let 'em down ...

  5. Buy that person a drink in your better managed universe, and all will be forgiven.

  6. Darn, I was hoping to see you win, Joanna. Was tough, both great books.

  7. You are still a winner in my eyes!


  8. I was sure you'd win, but what a year you've had: two brilliant books published, two RITA nominations, and a finalist in March Madness. Your editor and publisher must be feeling extremely smug right now.

  9. *sniff* I'm all teary-eyed by everybody's vote and support and willingness to go to the wall, fighting at the last metaphorical barricade.

    I walk around the house humming 'Those Were the Days.' That's ABBA, isn't it? 'We'd live the lives we'd choose. We'd fight and never lose."
    I think I am in love with lost causes.

    It is no shame to go down in a super-tight contest with a book like Iron Kissed. Patricia Briggs seems to be an entirely class act.

    And, on a bright note, now I do not need to figure out how to work a SONY e-book.

    There is, as Anneka said, no rain that does not water somebody's turnips.

  10. I was disappointed to hear you didn't win. Iron Kissed was a good book too. Congrats on making it in to the finals!

  11. Aw, man. Soooo close. Dang it!

    But if you don't win, at least not winning by a hair is better than not winning by a landslide. Really well done, Jo. {s}

  12. It -was- really well done, Jo. This is the first of such contests. The future is bright. And it was a lot of fun, so thank you!

  13. Jo,

    I'm sorry you didn't win, despite my vote, but I think it speaks to how people feel about your book that when it went up against an author who has hit #1 on the NYT list, you only went down by 12 votes.