Sunday, April 05, 2009

Da Bwaha finals and EXCITING CONTEST

The Da Bwaha Tournament moves into the Finals.

Tomorrow, Iron Kissed and Spymaster's Lady enter the ring.
One will emerge the victor.
(cue to theme from Rocky)

I'll post the time and place for voting as soon as I get them.
Monday is all I know right now.

I will also post THE EXCITING CONTEST that will be held here for the final round.

So check back.

Important Notice Here: The Da Bwaha is a showcase for some of the best books of 2008. Books I just loved to pieces.

The list is in a post down below. Skip down about four posts and take a look. Buy a few.


  1. 2008 has some incredible books. So hard to choose the best!

  2. Oh, I'm so excited, Joanna. One more contest to go. And I so hope it's going to be YOU!!

    (Please count me out from your contest. I voted since the beginning, but I have both your books, and two copies of your first, because I had to have a signed first edition.)