Saturday, March 21, 2009

The problem with writing . . .

The problem with writing the WIP is that you have no time to read.

This is what I want to be reading . . .

and it looks like great fun and I am falling further and further behind.

(Click on the picture to see what I am missing.)

This, on the other hand, is what I am reading . . .
which is not as much fun.


  1. OOOh. Do you like Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Masters series?!

    I love them. They're my delicious junk food.

  2. Hi Moth --

    I feel as if there are three Mercedes Lackeys.

    There's the Mercedes Lackey of the Elemental Masters books and the Urban Elves (Chrome circle etc.) books and the Bedlam's Bard books --
    all of which I adore and go shamelessly nom nom nom whenever there's a new one out.

    There's the newish 'Tales of the 500 Kingdoms' work which I find interesting in an intellectual way as a writer, but rather distant and full of 'telling' as a reader.
    I have not decided whether the 'voice' in these books is a deliberate choice to complement the archetype-storytelling theme of the series
    or not.
    But the result of all this thinking is that I read and appreciate the books and learn a great deal from them but it is more like nomming muesli than sugar corn pops.

    Then there's everything else she writes -- all the epic fantasy -- none of pushes my buttons properly.

    This is not, I hasten to say, because the epic fantasy -- Vandemar, Herald-Mage etc.) is not excellently written, but because of my own limitations as a reader. Lackey's range as a writer is broader than my range as a reader.

  3. Which is your favorite elemental masters book?

    I LOVE Serpent's Shadow and I feel like I haven't enjoyed any of the others quite as much since. Although for some reason I re-read Wizard of London more often. Go figure! :)

  4. Looking at i from memorable and emotionally satisfying -- the one that comes to mind is Phoenix and Ashes. It's the closest to a traditional genre Romance plot, so that may account for it.

    Serpent has the strongest heroine.