Monday, March 09, 2009

Back on line

All is well.

The computer has gots its head, (and everything else,) together.

It's feeling much better and is fluttering around in a fluffy pink bedgown, cooing over the get-well cards. Its innards have been desoldered with desoldering braid and lovingly resoldered. Everything connects where it should.

Ah. Connectivity.

There were a dozen screws left over when the final parts clicked together. I have put them into the little bitty box the new DC power jack came in. I will keep them, on the offchance they will someday be needed.
Actually, eleven screws.
I just counted.

The DH says, "It works out that way sometimes."


  1. Glad Joanna-land is operational again. I imagine the population of the latest WIP is eager to head back into action. {s}

  2. Hi Linda --

    Sometimes a little hiatusis helpful. Lets stuff marinate, or something.

    My privacy word is conansit. But mostly he didn't. He ran around breaking heads a lot IIRC.

  3. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Speaking of WIP, how IS Maggie? You should take all the time you need to get her right, of course, but there are those of us who are eagerly awaiting her arrival...and curious about the bunny.

  4. Will you be doing Brenda Novak's auction this year? I didn't see your name on the author critique list. I selfishly want you to take time away from your book so I can bid for your time on mine! ;-)

  5. Hi Lady Leigh --

    I hadn't thought ahead to Brenda Novak's auction, taking this all one step at a time. I will have to see how the world is treating me that month ...

    Don't know if I'm any good at it, but I do enjoy doing crits. I really do.

  6. Hi DLS --

    The first sketchy draft of Maggie is finished. That's about 100k of really terrible words.

    I'm buzzing through the second draft. I'm at 70K out of what's going to likely be 110K words of second draft.

    The 70K are not as clean and beautiful as I'd like, but I do think I've got the plot nailed down.
    Just about.

    I'm trying to just take each scene as it comes along.

  7. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Well, that definitely sounds like progress on Maggie. I'm so pleased.
    I have to go back and reread SL and hold me until I can meet Maggie.