Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Progress ... sorta

The good news is, I've pulled out paragraphs and sentences and a lot of weed-words from the early scenes,
so the beginning is speeding up some.

Maybe I won't need to toss out the whole first five chapters,
which I seriously consider doing on even days.

Tomorrow is an even day, so I will consider it.

The further good news is I've done some just excellent clever plotting to fix the major pacing problem that was clunking up the last quarter of the story.


The bad news is
I keep tossing out words and tightening up the Second Rough Draft.
Instead of moving along and making progress
I write and write and the word count doesn't go anywhere.

I hope I chug along faster now that my Maggie and Doyle are about to meet.

I wish I could do all this faster.

5700 / 130000 words. Only 4% done, unfortunately


  1. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Joanna - I love both of your Spymaster books. You get into the heads of each person so well. Have you ever read Scott Turow? He does it so well too. But you--you have to be a kick in the pants to be around, I just love your sense of humor and your ideas so unique. So many books are just different covers on the same plots and dialogues. I just can't believe these are your first books. Have you been writing under some other name.

    Anyway, I'm a fan--and yours will be books I'll share--on the condition I get them back!

    You have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Anon --

    Oh, thank you so very much. I just adore it when people like my books. You say such kind things.

    This is so funny, I was walking around a second-hand furniture store today, looking for a bench and the people at the counter were talking about Scott Turow.

    I haven't read Turow yet. I'll have to. I'm always lookin for good stylists to learn from.

    For years and years I wrote non-fiction. Really dull stuff, most of it. But a lot of the structure of writing is the same. It's not a bad way to learn.

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