Saturday, August 16, 2008

Desert Island Keepers III

Catherine Scott said --

1. The Bible
2. Desert Island Survival for Dummies
3. Swiss Family Robinson
4. A book from the Bermuda National Trust about how the shipwrecked inhabitants built the Deliverance (don't recall the true title)
5. Shanna (in case none of the previous books prove effective)
6. The Complete Works of Shakespeare ('cause along with the bible, it's the most quoted)

I would -- being just ruthlessly practical here -- want Shakespeare and the Bible, (King James version,) with me if I were going to have just a few books for a long, long time.
(Willie Gavin -- of Modesty Blaise fame -- memorized the Book of Psalms when he was doing a little prison time.)

I wouldn't exactly recommend memorizing huge volumes as preparation for writing Romance. But if one had too, those would be the ones I'd pick.

Have I ever read Swiss Family Robinson? I've read Robinson Crusoe, and it is wonderful. Very good DIK book, actually.
I don't think SWR ever fell into my hands.

I love and love and just lap up and bask in the splendor that is Shanna. The trade paperback is on my Keeper Shelf. I should be able to reread it in a year or two. I'm looking forward to that.

Desert Island Survival For Dummies
(sputter. snerk snerk. giggle.)

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