Sunday, July 06, 2008

What they look like . . .

For Grey -- remember, he is not particularly handsome. Maybe Javier Bardem. Photo here, here,

Or possibly Hugh Jackman here and here

For Doyle ... how about Bruce Willis? here


  1. I know this is an older post... but I finally find Doyle. Or, who he looks like in my head. Ray Winstone!! Even has the appropriate accent. :P

  2. Hi Ally --

    Very appropriate. I saw him in Beowulf. Very warrior-like.

    I see Doyle as a throwback to the old warrior genes in his family.

  3. Hi Jo! He was also in King Arthur as one of Arthur's knights- Bors. Very earthy. I was glad to have a face to go with the character (in my mind) after months of indecision. I picture Sebastian as Dominic Purcell- but that's probably because I really like Dominic Purcell and wanted to throw him in there somewhere. :D

  4. Nancy1:58 PM

    NOT Bruce Willis!!

    Doyle's size is emphasized over and over again - "hulking", "huge", "behemoth". He needs to be a BIG man - Liam Neeson now that he's older? Still a little too handsome but I could see him carrying off a role where he needs to not be noticed.

    This reference may lose your younger readers, but I could see the late Richard Boone also fitting the bill as Doyle - that craggy, serious face...

  5. Y'know, a lot of actors are on the small side. I saw Dustin Hoffman filming -- I think it was All The President's Men or something like that. He was not a big man.

    This doesn't so much show up on the screen, I think.

    I will have to go have a look at Richard Boone.