Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Rights

Way cool news.

They've sold Russian foreign language rights to The Spymaster's Lady.

Russian. Oh my.


  1. w00t! w00t! w00t! Lucky Russian readers just discovering one of the most perfect books. (sigh)

  2. Pozdravleniya!


  3. Hi Keira --

    The thought of the book in another language
    -- and hey, I think I get ANOTHER COVER too --
    is so bizarre. It would be like your kid coming home speaking Greek all of a sudden.

  4. Hi Moth --

    Ummm ... you're welcome.
    I think.

    I used a Russian word in Lord and Spymaster. I hope I got it right ...

  5. Hi nbb --

    Thank you kindly.

    It's the nice people in the Berkley foreign rights department who do this for me.

  6. Congratulations, Jo!

    I was in Russia for 3 weeks after I graduated from High School as a Student Ambassador - wonderful experience!

    Awesome news!

  7. Pozdravleniya!=Congratulations in Russian.

  8. Hi Moth --

    I couldn't get any of the online translaters to work for me. I think they don't do well with other alphabets.

    Jessamyn, in My Lord and Spymaster, lived in Russia for a few years when she was a teenager.


  9. Hi Tara --

    I wouldn't set a story there ... that's a huge, complex culture and it'd take mountains of commitment to do it justice.

    But my characters were there in backstory so I did a little reading. Traveller's tales from 1800 or so. Very interesting.


  10. Loved the joke. :) :) I'm so looking forward to meeting you in person at National!!

  11. Hi Keira --

    Me too. I've been looking at the workshops. Cool cool stuff.

    They've decided to hold every workshop I want to attend simultaneoously with two other workships I want to attend. How do they KNOW?

    And I want to see Fisherman's Wharf. (Why does that word have an 'h' in it? So unnecessary.)